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I am an interdisciplinary social scientist and ethnographer working at the intersection of computer-supported cooperative work, organization studies, and science & technology studies.  Currently, I am a postdoctoral researcher at Intel Labs in UXR working in the Cultural Transformation Lab with Ken Anderson, Melissa Gregg, and Mic Bowman.  I am in residence at the Intel Science and Technology Center for Social Computing (ISTC-Social for short) where I work with Melissa Mazmanian and Paul Dourish.  I also have the pleasure of collaborating with Yunan Chen, Pernille Bjorn, and Judith Gregory as well as a host of excellent researchers and graduate students associated with the Laboratory for Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction (LUCI) and the EVOKE Lab.  I received my PhD in Environmental Analysis and Design from the University of California, Irvine under the guidance of Professor Martha Feldman, who is the Johnson Chair in the Department of Planning, Policy, and Design.

My research examines how policy and institutional contexts shape the design and transfer of information technologies and information infrastructures and, in turn, how shifts in technology impact work practices.  I also do research on technology adoption, adaptation, use, and disuse and research on childbirth practices from a sociotechnical perspective.  My current major research project is a multi-sited ethnography of practices of recording, gathering, and measuring data for quality improvement and accountability in hospitals.  This work addresses questions of labor and performativity of emerging forms of data work as well as how to build infrastructure to support data use and re-use through examining the micro-foundations of data creation, management, and deployment in healthcare organizations.  Melissa Mazmanian and I have received an NSF grant for this project, and we also work with PhD student Chris Wolf and research assistant Mary Lowry.

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Kathleen (Katie) Pine — Phone 949-232-3594 — Email khpine (at) gmail.com– Office 6097 Bren Hall




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